How To Elevate Your Finances With Free Confidential Coaching

Jan 21, 2022 Personal Finances

Find out how a financial counselor can help you with an array of financial matters.

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Finances are personal – and so are your financial needs. While there are lots of tools and resources to help you learn about topics like budgeting, credit, and debt, for example, it can be difficult to digest and navigate alone. That’s where a financial counselor comes in.

To help strengthen the communities we serve, A+FCU partners with industry-leading BALANCE to provide free financial counseling services at no cost to you. Their multilingual counselors have the highest accreditations and offer objective advice so you can tackle all of life’s twists and turns.

Types of Coaching


There are many benefits associated with financial coaching. They might include knowing where your money is going, identifying behaviors that led to a particular outcome, feeling more confident about making decisions, and being more prepared to handle your finances.

BALANCE participants have also been able to:

Financial Counseling

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