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Financial Counseling

A+FCU is committed to your financial well-being. Together with BALANCE, we equip you with free, confidential one-on-one coaching for all your fiscal needs.

Take Your Finances Up A Notch

To help strengthen the communities we serve, A+FCU partners with industry-leading BALANCE to provide free, confidential financial counseling services at no cost to you. Their multilingual counselors have the highest accreditations and offer objective advice so you can tackle all of life’s twists and turns.

To speak to an expert, call 888.456.2227. For simple questions, you can also send a message via chat.


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Table with hours for financial counseling
Day(s) Time (CT)
Monday – Thursday 9:30 am – 8 pm
Friday 9:30 am – 7 pm
Saturday 11 am – 4 pm

Financial Coaching

Need help developing a savings plan? Confused about buying a car? Have questions about whether you’re adequately insured? For all things personal finance, there’s a financial counselor ready to help you work through challenges and provide expertly crafted advice.

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Ready to create a plan to achieve your goals? Work with an expert to review your spending patterns and create a saving and spending plan that allows you to take charge of your financial situation, both month-to-month and long-term.

Money Management Coaching

Let a professional help you make sense of credit. A counselor can guide you in obtaining your credit report and answer questions about credit scoring, how to build a strong credit history, how to correct errors on your credit report, and more.

Credit Report Review

The homebuying process can be complex. Whether you’re just considering it, saving for a down payment, applying for a mortgage, or preparing for a closing, a counselor can guide you through all aspects of the journey.

Homeownership Coaching

When it comes to debt reduction, it’s best to have a strategy. A counselor can go through your options. If needed, they can also work with you to establish a Debt Management Plan — a structured repayment option to help you achieve financial freedom.

Debt Repayment Coaching

If you’re a prospective or current student, counselors can help you determine which student loans best suit your needs based on your career prospects and budget.

If you’re a graduate, they can discuss repayment plans, postponement, and consolidation.

Student Loan Coaching

If your home is at risk, take advantage of early delinquency intervention counseling to discuss alternatives to foreclosure. BALANCE is a HUD-certified counseling agency and can help ensure you’re aware of and understand all your options.

Foreclosure Prevention Counseling

Get help with improving your credit and get tips on becoming a desirable tenant. Additionally, a counselor can help you develop a personalized spending plan and provide you with advice for saving money, increasing income, and reducing debt as well as offer guidance on leasing agreements, your housing budget, and more.

Rental Counseling

Counselors will guide you through an eight-question survey based on the four pillars of financial health (spend, save, borrow, and plan). Once complete, you’ll receive your financial health score indicating whether you’re considered financially healthy, coping, or vulnerable along with action steps to improve your score.

Financial Checkup

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Life Guidance for:

Personal Finances

Financial health is a key part of overall wellness. Count on us to provide the knowledge and tools you need to make sense of your money, better your financial journey, and improve your peace of mind.

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Life Guidance for:

(Re)Building Credit

Credit is factored into many decisions, including loan approvals, housing applications, insurance rates, and employment opportunities. To obtain the most favorable outcomes, it’s important to understand the basics of credit scores and credit reports.

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