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Youth Programs

Youth Month

We believe helping youth build healthy money habits is important. With special incentives for them and resources for you, together we can guide youth in developing key money-management skills.

Financial Capability

Though we pride ourselves in promoting financial capability year round, April is especially celebrated by credit unions for two important reasons: Youth Month and Financial Literacy Month.

In honor of this, we focus on helping parents and caregivers have meaningful money conversation with kids while encouraging them to build a lifelong skill, saving. With cash prizes, giveaways, and fun-filled activities, youth ages 18 and under have an action-packed month.

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Who We Are

Youth Programs

We understand how important finances are. That’s why we offer programs that help kids and teens develop and improve financial capability.


For Kids

For Kids

Check out our library of kid-friendly, financial education videos that cover money basics, including making, spending, saving, and borrowing money. Watch the videos with your little one(s), then discuss what they learned and actions they’d like to take.

For Teens

For Teens

Though it may not be a priority now, finances become increasingly important as you get older and become more financially independent. When it comes to navigating complex topics like buying a car or paying for college, we’re here to help.

Here are a few resources that may interest you:

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Spending With Perks

Cash-Back Checking

Get the debit card that earns you unlimited cash back. Enjoy monthly rewards with your free Cash-Back Checking.

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For Parents & Guardians

While kids learn from a variety of sources, including the media and friends, parental figures have the greatest impact in shaping a child’s money attitudes and behaviors.

Use our resources to help establish a financial foundation for your kids.

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Share Certificates

Save More For Your Future

Earn more from the money you save with a StartUP Certificate. Take advantage of this high-yield account option and get started for just $10.


Raising Money-Smart Kids Resources

Help raise money-smart kids with these resources.

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Life Guidance for:

Raising Money-Smart Kids

Talking to kids about money is not only acceptable but also encouraged. Use our tips to help your child understand and practice age-appropriate money management skills.

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Life Guidance for:

Family & Finances

As your family grows or changes, you’ll need to reimagine your finances. No matter what stage of life you’re in – getting married, having a baby, or raising money-smart kids – we’ve got you covered.

Resources For Year-Round Learning

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