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Member Benefits


Take advantage of our member rewards that can help you save money, earn more money, or both!

Perks You Can Count On

Our PlusPoints Member Rewards Program is designed to earn you redeemable reward points that you can use to enhance some A+FCU products. Here’s how you can earn points:


Redeem Your Points


Increase the rate on a share or IRA certificate:

  • Use 2,500 PlusPoints to increase dividend rate by 0.25%
  • Maximum redemption value per eligible certificate is 2,500 PlusPoints
Open Your IRA Certificate


Lower the rate on select new loans:

  • Use 2,500 PlusPoints to save 0.25%
  • Use 5,000 PlusPoints to save 0.50%
  • Maximum redemption value per eligible loan is 5,000 PlusPoints

Things To Know

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*Members can earn up to 300 PlusPoints per month by completing Balance Track modules. Maximum of 100 PlusPoints per BalanceTrack module regardless of number of attempts.

For consumer direct and collateralized (non-mortgage) loans. Credit cards, Signature Loan, Classroom Cash, Holiday Loans, Loyalty Line of Credit, Bridge Loans, HELOC, A+ Mortgage loans, student loans, Home Equity, and Home Improvement Loans are excluded from redemption.

PlusPoints Member Rewards is subject to change without notice. To participate, members cannot have any delinquent loans in excess of 30 days past due and must have par value in the Membership account. Associations and businesses are not eligible.


Rates & Resources

Make the most of your A+FCU membership with these resources to help you manage your accounts and better your finances.

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Life Guidance for:


Ready to take control of your finances? See what steps to follow to develop a spending and saving plan and follow through on it.

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Life Guidance for:

Personal Finances

Financial health is a key part of overall wellness. Count on us to provide the knowledge and tools you need to make sense of your money, better your financial journey, and improve your peace of mind.

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