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Buying A Home

Every year, A+FCU helps thousands of Central Texans purchase their homes. We’ve developed a deep understanding of the most common home-buying challenges, as well as some of the most helpful resources. This section provides the guidance you need to make owning your own home a reality.

First-Time Homebuyer

Buying your first home can be challenging, but it is often one of the best financial investments people will ever make. This collection of helpful tips and resources combines A+FCU’s decades of experience helping first-time home buyers into a single reference for making your dream a reality.

Buying & Selling A Home

Struggling to understand the difference between an ARM and APR? You’re not alone. The home mortgage industry has its own unique language, and not understanding it could end up costing you for a long time. Our mortgage experts created this article to help you get the mortgage that is best for you.


Rates & Resources

To keep you from having to do all the math, we’ve provided rates & calculators for all kinds of situations.

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