Debit Card

It looks like a credit card and works like a check. Use your card for purchases anywhere around the globe where Visa® Debit is accepted. The transaction amount will be deducted from your Checking Account just like a check.

Use your debit card for:

  • Cash withdrawals, transfers, and balance inquiries on your Membership Savings and checking account at any Visa® or PLUS® ATM machines worldwide
  • Quickly and securely making online purchases with just one login using Visa Checkout from any device
  • Making secure and convenient purchases with your mobile wallet
  • Point Of Sale (POS) withdrawals from your checking account can be made at any Interlink® merchant
  • Over local 300 ATMs within our surcharge-FREE ATM network – Visit the “Locations” button or click here for current locations.
  • Protect your Visa® credit card and Visa® check card with a secure password for online shopping. All you have to do is register with Verified by Visa today.

A+FCU won’t charge you to use your DEBIT card for purchases. And, with Cash-Back Checking, we even PAY you to use it!

Ready to activate your Debit Card? Call 800-335-4583.
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Important Information
When you use your debit card, the process may involve a hold being placed on your account for the purchase. The hold amount may be greater than the purchase amount. If the hold amount is greater than the available account balance, the purchase may be declined.

  • The funds being held for the purchase will not be available for use during the hold period.
  • The hold is released in 24 hours or when the debit for the purchase (exact dollar amount from that merchant) clears the account.
  • Examples:
    • Restaurants may add 10% to 25% to the amount of your purchase to cover any anticipated gratuity.
    • Travel and Entertainment merchants (hotels, rental cars, airline tickets, etc.) often add additional amounts to the purchase amount. It is recommended that you use your A+FCU credit card for these types of transactions.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: International Transaction Fees
When you use your VISA check card in a foreign country, in US dollars (single currency transactions), there is a .8% International Service Assessment Fee. When you use your VISA check card in a foreign country, in a foreign currency (multiple currency foreign transactions), you will incur a 1% International Service Assessment Fee.