Using Debit Card Fraud Text Alerts

Jul 26, 2021 Safety & Security

Enroll in the Fraud Text Alert service to receive text notification of potential fraud on your A+FCU debit card and learn how to keep your funds safe from fraudsters.

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If you receive a text message regarding fraudulent transactions at A+FCU, please call our Member Contact Center at 512.302.6800 to confirm.

In the last few years, merchant data breaches have been steadily increasing. Over 1,001 data breaches occurred in 2020, with more than 155.8 million consumer data exposures.

To help our members protect their information, we launched a text alert system in 2018 that notifies members when potential fraudulent activity occurs on their A+FCU-issued debit card. This alert can allow you to stop fraudulent activity on your debt card as it occurs and keep your funds and information safer from fraudsters.

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Card Management

Securely manage your debit card using controls and alerts with our free online tool, Card Management – available in A+ Online Banking and the A+ Mobile App.

Debit Card Fraud Text Alerts

Our service provider monitors debit card transactions for fraud. If a transaction on your card is considered suspicious, the service will attempt to send you a text message alerting you of the transaction.

Once you receive the message, you can reply with Yes or No, as appropriate. If you don’t respond to the text message, the automated service will then call the phone number(s) on file. If no one answers the phone call, a voice message may be left on that phone with a callback number and case number. If you respond by phone, you will be asked to verify your identity.

Additionally, once a potential fraudulent transaction is detected on your card, our service provider may place a temporary block on it to prevent further transactions.

Opt In to SMS/Text Alerts

To begin receiving SMS/Text Alerts, you must first opt in to the service. How to opt in:

Tell them you would like to opt in to the Fraud Text Alert service. Once this has been done, you will begin receiving SMS/text messages any time there’s a suspicious transaction.

Important Details

NOTE: For security reasons, we do not publish the phone number for Fraud Prevention Services. Please contact us at 512.302.6800 to receive this information. We recommend putting it into your contacts as A+ Fraud Alerts so it will display when you get a call.

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