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Direct Deposit & Payroll Deduction

Make payday a breeze with direct deposit. Send your paycheck or government benefit straight to your account without visiting a branch or cashing a paper check.

Get Paid Up To Two Days Early With A+FCU

Many employers, businesses, and government entities use direct deposit as their main way of paying employees or sending money to individuals. This convenient, hassle-free option sends a paycheck, deposit, or government benefit straight to a payee’s account of choice. And with A+FCU, you could even receive your paycheck up to two days early.*

Payroll deduction lets you set aside money from your paycheck into accounts of your choosing.

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Set Up Direct Deposit & Payroll Deduction

Typically, to enroll in direct deposit or set up payroll deduction, you’ll need:

A+ Federal credit union check with routing number, account number, share ID, check number and sample member number displayed.

A+FCU Information

Your A+FCU Account Information

You will need your full, 13-digit A+FCU account number. Your 13-digit account number and share type can be found by logging in to A+ Online Banking. After logging in, click into specific share (such as checking) > Find MICR/Account Number (top right).

Your 13-digit account number will always begin with a 1, followed by a two-digit Share ID, and the final ten digits are leading zeros plus your member number. In the check example above, the 13-digit account number is 1120000123456, the two digit Share ID is 12, and the member number is 0000123456.

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Pre-Filled Form

For your convenience, A+FCU members can access a pre-filled direct deposit form from within A+ Online Banking or the A+ Mobile App.

After logging in, click Services > Direct Deposit Form. Fill in the requested information including the account to which you want to receive your funds.

On this form is an image of a sample check, your account information, and A+FCU’s mailing address and phone number. Submit this form to your employer, or carefully copy over the required information if they have their own form.

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Benefits Of Direct Deposit

There are many benefits to direct deposit with A+FCU. First, you could receive your paycheck up to 2 days early.* It’s also available at no cost and is less risky for payees.

Other benefits:

  • Avoids check cashing fees
  • Doesn’t require a trip to the credit union
  • Avoids potential check hold
  • Funds are immediately available on scheduled payday
  • May be able to split deposit amongst accounts
  • Can be used to establish automatic savings
  • Creates electronic records
  • More environmentally friendly
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Easily move your direct deposit and automatic payments to your A+FCU checking account using ClickSWITCH.

*Early payment of funds is not guaranteed and is subject to when A+FCU receives the funds from the originator.



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