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Alliance of Austin Credit Unions

In the spirit of financial cooperatives, several Austin-area Credit Unions have joined forces to provide our members with a totally FREE ATM network. All members of participating Credit Unions now have the convenience of using any ATM within the network at no charge.


Visa® Plus ATM Alliance

The Visa® Plus ATM Alliance is a surcharge-free* network comprised of thousands of ATMs all over the country. They’re conveniently located at participating retailers where you may already shop.

To find a Visa Plus ATM:

  • Go to Visa’s ATM Alliance search page
  • Check the box to filter for “Plus Alliance ATMs”
  • Enter the zip code or city and click the magnifying glass
*$1.50 ATM service fee is posted to member account at the time of withdrawal and refunded within two business days. A+FCU service fees for balance inquiries and transfers are not refundable. For free balance inquiries and transfers, use A+ Online Banking or A+ Mobile app. Visa is a registered trademark of Visa International Service Association.