Don’t Let Online Threats Steal The Joy Of The Holidays

Nov 09, 2022 Holidays, Safety & Security

Do what you can to protect yourself from online threats this holiday season. Here are some tips to consider today and every day of the year.

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Let’s not forget that while the holidays may be filled with joy and people spreading good cheer, there’s always a Grinch lurking – waiting for the perfect time to do harm.

Don’t let fraudsters get their way. Do what you can to protect yourself while shopping online this holiday season. Here are some tips to consider today and every day of the year.

Protect Yourself From ‘Grinches’

Too Good To Be True Deals

We’re all in search of amazing deals and huge savings but be careful where you look.

If you receive emails from unknown senders promoting heavily discounted products, be skeptical and don’t click on links. If it looks too good to be true, it likely is.

Online Shopping

One product may be sold by hundreds of different retailers online. Give preference to sites you’re familiar with, or at the very minimum look for sites that begin with HTTPS.

Conduct some research before shopping on a new site to ensure there isn’t any funny business. Review their “About” page for a physical address and phone number and never email them your financial information. Check out these tips for safe online shopping from the FTC.

Don’t Overshare

Think twice when prompted to store payment information on websites or personal devices. This feature may provide added convenience at the expense of security.

It’s not a bad idea to make things harder for thieves in the event that your information is compromised.

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Life Guidance for:

Fraud Protection

You work hard for your money. We want to help protect it by sharing tips to help recognize scams, deter fraudsters, and take appropriate action if you fall victim.

Public Wi-Fi Safety

Public Wi-Fi, though free, potentially comes at a price. With the right tools, hackers may obtain information that’s shared across an unsecured network.

It’s best to refrain from entering sensitive information like logins and payment information while on public Wi-Fi.

Secure Passwords

Having the same password on multiple accounts is certainly convenient but risky.

Create different passwords for different accounts, particularly those dealing with finances or the like. Make your passwords long and use symbols, mixed case, letters, and numbers.

Stay Alert

It’s especially important to be vigilant this time of year. Look at your statements, credit reports, and credit scores.


If you see something out of the ordinary, report it immediately. Taking extra measures today can save you time and heartache down the road.

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Holiday Spending Survival Guide

Use our free Holiday Spending Survival Guide to easily keep track of your budget and following these steps.

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