Back-To-School Shopping & Budgeting

Aug 04, 2022 Family & Finances

With school almost in session, it’s the perfect opportunity to use supply shopping to teach your kids about budgeting and needs versus wants.

A woman kissing a young girl goodbye, they are standing in front of a school bus.

It’s back-to-school time and that means it’s time to get your school supplies ready! This is also a great chance to teach your kids about budgeting and the importance of prioritizing what you need, not what you want. This may not work for kids of all ages, but if they need extra help with math or counting money, you can use it as a teachable moment.

Use this Back-To-School Shopping Budget Worksheet with kids and teens to help them prepare their list, compare prices, and review their spending.

Top Back-To-School Budgeting Tips

Develop The Rules

Establish Their Spending Limit

Assess What’s Needed

Develop Their Shopping List

Have Them Organize Their List

Get Ready, Get Set, Shop



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