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Posted November 23, 2021

These days, Thanksgiving seems like a two-part holiday. There’s the part where we give thanks for all the good in our lives; we happily spend the day with family and friends enjoying a grandiose meal that leaves us more stuffed than the turkey.

Then there’s the preparation for Black Friday. Here are a couple of tips that you and your wallet will be thankful for if you plan to hunt for deals.

Build Your Budget

Expenses add up quickly during the holidays. Before shopping, build your holiday spending plan. Doing so will help you stay on track. If you know there’s room in your budget to purchase few items from your gift list, now’s a good time to look for savings.

Remember to charge only what you can afford to pay in full if using a credit card. Your deal won’t be much of a deal if you have to pay interest on it down the road.

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Do Your Research

Use websites like for an early look at Black Friday ads; simply type in the name of a product or store to narrow your search.

Take your time when reviewing options. You may find that older models or models with fewer features are less expensive. When making a decision, it’s best to compare both price and quality so that you don’t buy an item that’ll need replacing soon or regret your purchase.

Determine what’s important to you and use that as a guide.

Read The Fine Print

Thoroughly review disclosures. Are there limited quantities on big ticket items? Do the savings include a mail-in rebate? How does the sale price compare to the current price not the original price? Be alert.

Discounts may be overstated and advertisements may be misleading. Check out this article on misleading advertising ploys to learn more.

Put Together A Plan

If shopping in person, you’ll want to create a game plan. Where will you shop? What will you purchase at each store? Will you take more than one person to divide and conquer? Charge your cell phone. Bring snacks. Most importantly, stay focused. Stick to your list and don’t deviate. If you didn’t think of something before then you probably don’t need it, so stick to the plan.

Use Resources

Trying to get the most for your dollar is not just something you do on Black Friday. Use apps like ShopSavvy and BuyVia to get the best deals at all times. Before you buy, search or scan a bar code to get a list of the competitor’s prices.

Watch items, receive alerts when prices drop, and find coupons. You may be able to avoid the long lines while securing some great finds in the comfort of your home.