What You Need To Know About Contactless Payments

Feb 24, 2022 Personal Finances

Learn more about contactless payments and get answers to common questions about this convenient payment method.

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Contactless Payments generally come in two forms – contactless cards or through the use of mobile wallets and payment apps. If your card and the card reader have a contactless symbol, you’d simply tap or hold your card near the card reader to securely complete your transaction.

Mobile wallets may store payment information for multiple cards on your smart device and can be used for many storefront, in-app, or online purchases. While at a store, you’d simply open your app at checkout if you see the contactless symbol.

Lastly, payment apps like Venmo and Paypal allow you to easily pay people you know and pay for online purchases without sharing card or banking information with the seller or merchant.

Key Questions

What Mobile Wallets & Payment Apps Can Be Used?

There are a variety of mobile wallets and digital payment apps to choose from. Some of the most common mobile wallets include Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, and Google Pay as they’re normally preinstalled on compatible smart phone devices. In addition, retailers like Walmart and Kohl’s have also introduced contactless payment options within their own mobile apps.

How Does It Work?

You begin by entering card information on to your mobile wallet. While shopping, you’d have the option to pay with stored payment information so long as the point-of-sale terminal has mobile payment readers at the register. This means that you don’t have to carry the card or simply don’t have to reach for your wallet.

Are Transactions Secure?

Mobile payments work similar to EMV chip cards. Information is encrypted while the transaction is processed and a one-time code is generated to authenticate the purchase. When compared to cards with magnetic strips which transmit payment data such as card numbers and expiration dates, it’s much more difficult for fraud to occur. Use passcodes, touch verification, or face recognition for an added layer of security on devices.

What Are The Benefits?

As mentioned, mobile wallets offer security that cash and physical wallets don’t offer. Mobile payments also offer added convenience by making purchases faster and having payment information readily available without needing to have a physical card. Some companies even have loyalty and rewards programs tied to mobile wallet purchases. Lastly, you’re not limited to using your phone; you can use smart watches and tablets too.

How Do I Add My A+FCU Debit Card To A Mobile Wallet?

Our Mobile Wallet FAQs go over how to determine if your device is compatible and how to get started on Apple, Android, or Samsung devices. Members with a Cash-Back Checking Account can earn up to 10¢ and 10 PlusPoints for purchases made with their debit card – on mobile wallet too.

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Mobile Wallet

Make purchases straight from your smartphone, tablet, or smartwatch when you set up Mobile Wallet with your A+FCU accounts.

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