College Students: Earn Extra Money With These Tips

Aug 22, 2022 Paying For College

Check out these tips on how you can use your time and talents to make extra money without the commitment that comes with a traditional job.

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Is a part-time job too much commitment while you’re in school? These helpful side hustles enable you to earn, but also do – and maybe find – something you love that doesn’t require too much of your time.

Ideas To Consider

Use Your Photography Skills

If you love taking pictures, consider starting a website or promoting your photos in a portfolio or on social media to garner people’s attention. Once you have interest, advertise your photos for business or sell photos online as stock photos.

Stock photos allow you to sell your pictures to a website and earn commission on your sales. It’s flexible and allows you to pursue your passion for photography without deadlines.


This is a tried and true way of earning extra cash with a flexible schedule (and work on school work while the kids are sleeping). See if family and friends need your help or start a profile on a reputable babysitting service website.

Be A Tour Guide

Show prospective students your campus and give them insight about cool spots. If walking around campus isn’t your thing, consider being a tour guide for your favorite park or the city you live in.

Drive People Around

There are a ton of apps now that let you be your own boss and earn money while driving. Uber and LYFT, for example, are popular ride share services to help you make extra money – especially on college campuses.

Dog Or House Sit

Are you responsible and a pet lover? You’ll be the perfect candidate for dog and house sitting! You get to choose the locations and schedule, plus it can pay well for just a few days of work. Set up a profile on popular websites like Rover and Care.

Deliver Food

If you own a bike or car, try delivering food with all the new apps that are popping up. It’s simple and you’ll still have the flexibility to choose your own hours.

Start A Crafting Business

If you have a passion and you think it can make you money, start a small business on Etsy or go to craft/trade shows to try to sell your product.

Tutor Students

If you’re confident and knowledgeable in a subject, tutor those who may not understand it as well as you. Ask family and friends if their children need help or set up tutoring at your college.

Get Creative

Side hustles are an easy way to earn money while doing something you enjoy. Get creative and you’ll think of something that fits into your schedule and still gives you enough time to do great in school.


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