4 Ways To Customize Your A+ Online Banking

Jul 21, 2022 Personal Finances

Use these tips and tricks to personalize your A+ Online Banking account so you can manage your finances more efficiently from the comfort of your home, office, or on the go.

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A+ Online Banking is available to members to view account information, transfer funds, pay bills, and more. There are many ways to customize preferences so that it’s more personal and easier for you to use.

Keep reading to discover four ways to personalize your online banking.

Four Ways To Personalize

Naming Accounts

Naming your accounts is helpful when you want keep two similar accounts separate and not confuse them. For example, it might be hard to tell the difference between your spending checking and your bills checking, so naming them will be easier to distinguish.

From the menu, select Settings > Preferences > Account Preferences and click on the account you want to rename. You’ll see Online Display Name and a pencil icon. Click on that, type in the new name, and click the checkmark button.

Grouping Accounts

Create groups of accounts to keep certain ones together, such as multiple savings accounts. If you click and hold the account, a file icon will appear in the bottom right corner. Drag that account to the folder and a separate group will show up as New Group. Click the pencil icon to rename and drag more accounts there to place them in the folder.

Hiding Accounts

Have a savings you want to forget about so you aren’t tempted to spend the money in it? From the menu, select Settings > Preferences > Account Preferences and click the account you want to hide. You’ll see a green sliding bar that says Visible. Click on that, confirm the warning, and your account will be hidden.


Looking for a way to keep track of your accounts? With eAlerts, or electronic alerts/notifications, you can stay up to date with your account and account activity.

You determine the type of alert you’ll receive when you set them up within A+ Online Banking or A+ Mobile App. These real-time notifications can be sent to one cell phone number and up to two email addresses.

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