Growth and Development

A+FCU is focused on growth and development with industry-recognized training programs such as:

Foundational Training

A+FCU newcomers are given a solid foundational training course here at A+FCU. You’ll learn about Credit Unions in general, the history and culture of A+FCU, and all the systems training you’ll need in this week-long pre-requisite course.

A+ Exchange Program

The A+ Exchange Program is an internal shadowing program that allows employees the opportunity to preview the work of every role within the organization. Focusing on career development, the program aims to increase engagement and big picture awareness, facilitate innovation, build networks and develop individual skills.

Discover U

Discover U is a corporate career development program. Their mission is to be, “your career development partner helping you fulfill your unlimited potential.” Discover U has received national recognition by our training department’s peers. Employees have many career development resources at their finger-tips and as they complete assignments on those various credits earned turn into recognition levels.

All-staff training day (annually)

Every year, employees from across the Credit Union come together for a company-wide training day. It’s not only a great opportunity to meet and network with co-workers from all over the Central Texas area, but it helps strengthen the unity of the Credit Union.

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