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About Us

Our purpose is to educate each and every member and give them the right guidance for their unique financial situation. By giving our members the knowledge, resources, and products to meet long-term goals as well as day-to-day needs, our credit union becomes stronger.

Let us earn your trust by being your financial advocate at every turn.

Let’s bank on each other.


Way back in 1949, some like-minded teachers came up with the idea to work together not just as colleagues but also as stewards of each other’s financial futures.

Guided by the philosophy of mutual benefit, these teachers created a not-for-profit financial cooperative. As with a lot of things in life, looking out for each other made everyone stronger and more secure.

With this foundation, A+FCU grew to be one of the largest credit unions in Texas.

Over the years, many things have changed, but the bedrock principles remain. A+FCU takes the financial education of every member seriously. We strive to understand the needs of every member to give them the best financial guidance. And we know that banking on each other benefits everyone.


With our ongoing commitment to serving our members and our community, A+FCU is honored to be the recipient of a number of prestigious awards.



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