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Posted May 18, 2016

We recently awarded $5,000 to Round Rock High School students to fund the initial inventory for the new Round Rock High School store.

The products were decided through a Shark Tank style project. RRHS students worked in teams to select a product they wanted to purchase, develop a business plan, conduct research, put together a marketing plan, and develop projections based on income and expenses.

Carol Hallowell, AVP Business Services, attended classes to present on a variety of business topics to help students in their product and business development.

The students then presented to a panel of A+FCU judges who evaluated their business plans, product surveys, projections, and more to determine which products to fund. The ideas included custom logo t-shirts, socks, lanyards, spirit gear, and camelbacks.

Ultimately, six products were selected to support the starting inventory of the store.

Product Grant Request RRHS Students
Hats $843 Ryan, Sammi, Timothy, Elizabeth
RR T-shirts $725 Zach, Brooke, Bianca
Flags $600 Michael, Harrison, Travis
Lanyards $1,000 Hank, Jonathan, Ozzy
Printed Camelback $1,150 Allie, Noah, Tristan, Tanner
Mobile Store $650 Jack, Kyle, Oren, Nicole

“The students all had passion and dedication for their product and presented themselves as professional entrepreneurs. I really enjoyed the process. I see business plans every day and these students put just as much effort into their presentations as I see from live businesses,” said Hallowell.