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Posted August 12, 2015

A+ Federal Credit Union (A+FCU) has partnered with University Federal Credit Union (UFCU) to invest half a million dollars in the Central Texas expansion of RAISEup Texas, an E3 Alliance education program. RAISEup Texas is a school-wide approach that uses research-validated tools to help middle school students “learn how to learn”.

RAISEup Texas, a privately-funded 3½ year demonstration effort, has already impacted nearly 13,000 students in six Central Texas school districts. The 2014 Texas Education Agency’s Closing Performance Gaps accountability indicator determined that 75% of RAISEup Texas demonstration schools, 3 times the rate of middle schools across the region, qualified for the Closing the Performance Gaps distinction.

Kerry Parker, CEO of A+FCU, stated, “A+FCU is honored to support an education model that helps children of all abilities learn more effectively and achieve academically. The improved performance of students that use the RAISEup Texas program can create a tremendously positive, long term effect on our community. The financial support we’re providing reflects the values of A+FCU and UFCU, and demonstrates our commitment to education.”

The funding provided by A+FCU and UFCU will allow 16 more Central Texas schools to implement the RAISEup Texas Strategic Instruction Model (SIM). Over the course of the expansion, more than 28,000 students and 1100 teachers will gain the benefits of the program.

“This unprecedented partnership between two key financial institutions in our region to invest in RAISEup Texas sends an important message to our community,” remarked Susan Dawson, president and executive director of E3 Alliance. “It says loud and clear: our business community cares for our kids and their success! And the community will take notice.”

Education Equals Economics (E3 Alliance) is a regional, data-driven, education collaborative based in Austin, Texas. We are leading the effort to build the strongest educational pipeline in the country to drive economic prosperity for Central Texas. We do this by using objective data and focused community collaboration to align our education systems so that all students can succeed. Together with the Central Texas community, we have created The Blueprint for Educational Change, our region’s strategic plan to build the strongest educational pipeline in the country. For more information about RAISEup Texas visit