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Posted December 4, 2020

Looking for a new way to save money, but not sure the best way to do so? Start with the 52-Week Savings Challenge to set yourself up for year-long success.

Download the worksheet in PDF format.

During the 52-Week Savings Challenge, you will save $1 for each week you’ve been saving. For example, on week one, you save $1. Week two is $2. Week five is $5. At the end of a year, you’ll have over $1300! Click the icon and download the worksheet to track your savings.

Another idea is to count down the weeks. Start with week 52 and work your way down. This might be helpful if you know money might be tight near the end of the year.

  • Make the deposit on the same day every week – to remember, set a reminder on your phone or write it on your calendar
  • Open a new savings to keep your money separate
  • Easily and conveniently transfer the funds using online banking or a mobile app


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