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From assets to liabilities and income and expenses, Accounting is essential to the success of A+ Federal Credit Union. Because A+FCU is a non-for profit, keeping a balanced budget and thorough financial statement is critical. If you like numbers, this may be the place for you.

Branch Support/Branches

Despite popular belief, branches aren’t just about doing deposits and withdrawals. It’s about service. If you haven’t ever worked for a credit union, we’ll let you in on a little secret – we care about our members financial well-being. We get to know our members and find ways to help them, whether it’s with products, free workshops, or scholarships. If you like helping people, you’ve found the right place.

Business Development

A+FCU membership is a free benefit employers can offer their employees. Our Business Development department is a dedicated team of passionate advocates for the Credit Union. Their goal is to build relationships with businesses and schools through financial education workshops, sponsorships, employee orientations, and more with the hopes of spreading the word about all A+FCU has to offer.

Business Services

It’s no secret that Austin is a great place for budding entrepreneurs. From business accounts to small business workshops, our Business Services team works diligently to help businesses grow.


This is not your stereotypical collections department. They are counselors and problem-solvers at heart. They partner with our members and help them solve financial difficulties by educating them, working with them, and offering them hope. Most of our collectors are Certified Financial Counselors. If you’re a problem-solver with the heart of a teacher, you’ve come to the right place.


EFT is the department that processes wires, share drafts, and ACHs, as well as solving debit card and electronic transaction concerns. This is a fun-loving group with a wide knowledge base and a knack for solving complex issues. If that sounds like you, apply now!

Human Resources

HR wears a lot of hats. Of course, you’ll come in contact with them throughout the hiring process, but that’s just the beginning. After being hired, HR works hard to retain and develop talented individuals. If you like helping people achieve their personal and professional goals, this department may be the right fit for you!

Loan Processing

Getting a loan can sometimes be a confusing process, but our Loan Processing team guides members through the process by helping answering their lending questions, submitting their loan applications, and gathering necessary information and documentation.

Loan Services

Loan Services covers a lot of ground, including titles and liens, insurance verification, loan audits, loan document imaging, and appraisals. But it all comes down to one thing – serving members.

Loan Underwriting

Loan underwriting has the heavy task of approving or denying loans. In addition, they spend time to counsel with members about their borrowing options to make sure they get the best loan for their situation. If you’re interested in helping members get the most bang for their buck, this is a great choice.

Lending Contact Center

The Lending Contact Center is really two call centers in one. They build relationships with members by educating them on beneficial products and services as well as assisting members meet their financial lending needs. If you enjoy helping members succeed with their finances and you have the voice of an angel, you’ve found the right place.


There’s a lot that goes into keeping a business running, and A+FCU is no exception. Our maintenance department makes the Credit Union run smoothly.


Marketing is filled with creative and results-driven individuals that work well as a team. Their main mission is to help guide members to join or improve their financial partnership with the Credit Union through several channels. Working in this department will give you a wide-range of experiences from designing billboards to writing newsletters and everything in between. They’re a fun bunch that feel passionate about the Credit Union and want to share the vision with Austinites.

Member Contact Center

You can’t see them, but they’re a very busy branch! The contact center is fast-paced and fun with a focus on excellent member service. If you have a great phone voice and enjoy a job that never gets boring, this is an excellent place to be.

Member Services

The true backbone of the Credit Union, our Member Services employees provide all the “behind the scenes” support of our branches. Although you may never see them face-to-face, these individuals are busy working to make our branch experience(s) as smooth as possible.

Mortgage Lending

The Mortgage Lending department is where the American dream of homeownership is fulfilled. Their goal is to find the right product for our members and help them from start to finish. They do it all, including loan origination, processing, underwriting, and closing, as well as servicing our member’s mortgage loans. They are dedicated to providing the best possible member experience every step of the way.


Training is where every employees’ journey starts here at A+FCU. They’re thorough, professional, and have the hearts of teachers. Whether you’re hoping to join them in their quest for internal education or just passing through on your way to your final destination at A+, you’re sure to enjoy this group.